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Hasry (S) Pte Ltd


Hasry (S) Pte Ltd

Hasry Singapore is located at the container office at the coach park at the junction of Kallang Bahru Road and Lavender Street.
Hasry (S) Pte Ltd is the Singapore branch of the Hasry Sdn Bhd in Johor Malaysia. They are the only coach company in Singapore that provide direct coach from Singapore to and from Muar and Batu Pahat .
They are also the agent of Delima Coaches, Meridian Holidays, and Golden Diamond that provide coach services to KL,Malacca .

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Hotel near drop-off destination


Bus Fares from $27…

707 inc inside view


Hasry Singapore Office

Hasry (S) Pte Ltd 119 Lavender Street, Singapore 338731 (beside Singapore Casket)
Tel: +65-6294 9306

Schedule & Bus Fares

Pickup Points Destination Departure Time Fares(1 way)

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